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A small blog digest for you.

dependency troubles

Rails’ dependency loading in development mode has been making me unhappy. There are existing reports (6720, 6942), but the behavior persists. Other people are experiencing similar problems.

For example, rake test loads classes differently than (and incompatible with) regular ruby test_file.rb. Instance methods sometimes disappear from model classes. And association targets get instantiated with broken classes after the first request: User expected, got User. I can reproduce the behavior but I can’t always explain it.

missing generators

Be aware that in gem Rails, generators defined in plugins won’t get recognized if the plugin is symlinked into vendor/plugins, even though the rest of the the plugin will work fine. It’s an issue with the PathSource class, fixed in r. 6101.

polymorphs forum

The has_many_polymorphs forum has been buzzing with red bees lately; you might find honey.

camping is speaking loudly into the phone

Also, ActiveSupport and Camping had an argument. Jeremy McAnally and I fought a bug for a while—you can’t extend your Camping app’s main module from outside the module itself. But you should be able to, so why?

scaling debate

Regarding optimizing database access, nothing personal, but I don’t like Dr. Nic’s way. Revolution’s is better. (Although I don’t understand why the existing MySQL solutions weren’t the first resort.) The cost of the app servers is Twitter’s current swinging bridge, though.

David’s blog is flooded by trolls.

san francisco

I was in San Francisco all week at CNET and met some new Bay Rubyists. It was fun. On the plane back there were storms, and also a guy watched me program because he had never seen it done before.

snails conference

RailsConf is coming up. Some dude with the same name as me is giving a talk:

   Going Off Grid: Rails as Platform

   Friday, May 18, 2007

   11:45AM – 12:35PM

   Oregon Ballroom 203

You can come and heckle about polymorphs bugs, assuming you don’t want to hear Alan Francis on Agile, or Scott Raymond on REST, both in the same slot.

I’m not much for methodologies, so if you definitely don’t want to hear about Agile, come to mine. My methodology is to keep it simple, work hard, and always be learning.

This guy agrees.

2 responses

  1. I agree—I prefer Revolution Health’s solution too. The Magic Multi-Connections were developed to allow access to multiple different databases within one app—for admin apps for example—not for solving Twitter’s problems.

    Hence the use of “I think,” etc., throughout the text. :)

  2. Heh, that is fun, about that guy on the plane. Reminds me of the time I scored a free bottle of rum after I was chagrined to inform the attendant that I had no cash. My computer was out and my editor open…maybe she thought that was hot…probably not.