help, they are stealing my outlook webmail

I work for a company that uses Exchange for its internal email. This means I have to use Outlook Web Access to access my account there, since I am 100% remote, and Entourage doesn’t work over our VPN.


WebOutlook 0.3 released, with DELE support, and a bugfix. Download here.

to gmail!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could scrape this in some way, and perhaps publish it with a regular POP server? Then Gmail could access it and merge it with our other accounts.

Thankfully, Adrian Holovaty1 has written WebOutlook, a Python script to do just that. Except, it doesn’t support Gmail because the UIDL command isn’t implemented. Also it doesn’t support the HTTP Basic Authentication Scheme, which is how my particular OWA server authenticates me. Also, it deletes your mail without asking. Ok…

open-source ftw

After a few hours of reading RFC 1939 and struggling with Python’s combinatorics of tuples, dicts, and primitives, I am pleased to release WebOutlook 0.2, which you can download here. (GPL’ed because the original version is GPL’ed.)



Now, watch as Google logs into your crappy local Python script and steals your mail out of your own house.

todo list

I welcome patches, and can give you subversion access if necessary. The following things need to be done:

code example

I had to write this thing in Python:

import re"Message-ID: <(.*?)>", msg, re.S).group(1)

In Ruby I would have written:

msg[/Message-ID: <(.*?)>/, 1]

Or in POP:

REGX Message-ID: <(.*?)>
STRG msg

Just kidding about the POP. But I’m not really seeing the benefit of Python here, even with the shortcuts (r instead of re.compile, re.S instead of re.DOTALL).


[1] Best known for playing the MacGyver theme song on acoustic guitar.