see your hand in front of your, uh, face: facebook_exceptions

Sucks to be working hard on your Tamagotchi armadillo + tumblelogging viral Facebook mashup and see:


Official documentation is here.


As usual, it lives in the Fauna. Install via Piston, or otherwise the old-school way:

script/plugin install -x svn://

No tarballs/gems yet. Requires edge Rails, probably.


The support forum is here.

8 responses

  1. That fix didn’t work for me… instead I had to remove unloadable from both regular ApplicationController (app/controllers/application.rb) and the version in facebook_exceptions.rb to get the overrides to stay loaded.

    What Rails version are you using?

  2. This looks great—can you please elaborate on how to use it and install it for the less experienced?

    I got the files from SVN—what is the next step?