related in spirit

In the interests of there being less business all up in here, I have created a crazy blog system.

Related in spirit to: e, Hobix, Blosxom, Yurt.

The HTML is the framework. The cache and the store are one. Lines of code, 150ish, maybe less, all procedural. Managed via the filesystem. Also there is some kind of read-only API going on, for free.

Ok, so now a ridiculous benchmark. On the server, a dynamic request from Typo, complete with MySQL climbing painfully out of swap:

$ time curl --head localhost:4001
real    0m11.270s

Once more:

$ time curl --head localhost:4001
real    0m2.825s

Now with page caching:

$ time curl --head localhost:4001
real    0m0.015s

But, how about a dynamic request from the all-new Bax?

$ time curl --head localhost:4040
real    0m0.017s

Yep. Now to get that feed to validate.