ultrasphinx updates

You’re already using Sphinx, right? Of course. It’s not like it’s only the fastest, most stable Rails search solution there is. At least, based on rigorous anecdotal evidence.

better docs

Lots of updates, especially Ultrasphinx deployment docs. To help the fine conductors of EngineYard.


Postgres support is now considered mature. You need at least version 8.2. Personally I found Postgres totally annoying:

Lines of stored procedures needed:

MySQL: 0

Postgres: 73

sphinx r985

With Pat Allan’s excellent Riddle, good things coming: multivalues, float faceting, geocoding.

Soon, we will get a smoother is_indexed API. I’m taking suggestions. And some time after that…delta updates. A patch would really speed that along.

The most credit goes to the Russians. I’m just connecting pipes. Got plans to explain someday why exactly Sphinx is as fast as it is. Hint: it’s not the enterprise beans!!!