be the fastest you can be, memcached

New memcached client based on SWIG/libmemcached. 15 to 150 times faster than memcache-client, depending on the architecture. Full coverage, benchmarks.

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Some nice results from OS X x86:

                                     user     system      total
set:ruby:noblock:memcached       0.100000   0.010000   0.110000
set:ruby:memcached               0.150000   0.140000   0.290000
set:ruby:memcache-client        18.070000   0.310000  18.380000
get:ruby:memcached               0.180000   0.140000   0.320000
get:ruby:memcache-client        18.210000   0.320000  18.530000
missing:ruby:memcached           0.290000   0.170000   0.460000
missing:ruby:memcache-client    18.110000   0.330000  18.440000
mixed:ruby:noblock:memcached     0.380000   0.340000   0.720000
mixed:ruby:memcached             0.370000   0.280000   0.650000
mixed:ruby:memcache-client      36.760000   0.700000  37.460000

Ubuntu/Xen AMD64 was similar to the above, while RHEL AMD64 was more like 20x. It’s weird how much better Ruby performance was on RHEL.

I’ll try to push a little more Ruby into C, because we’re already down to counting single dispatches. For any deep object, most of the time is spent in Marshal.


Built-in non-blocking IO, consistent key modulus, cross-language hash functions, append/prepend/replace operators, thread safety, and other fancy stuff. CAS (compare and swap) coming as soon as libmemcached finishes it.

The API is not compatible with Ruby-MemCache/memcache-client, but it’s pretty close. Don’t drop it into Rails just yet.