echoe 3

Echoe 3 is out, right on the heels of Rubygems 1.2. It supports the new runtime vs. development dependencies, and works correctly with the Rubyforge 1.0.0 gem.

It still supports all the usual features like certificate chains, RDoc upload, changeset parsing, manifest building, and cross-packaging. Documentation is here.

By the way, Rubygems 1.2 seems pretty great.

3 responses

  1. I just spent about half an hour trying to debug my Echoe gemspec, turns out Echoe totally goes batshit if you don’t have a file named ‘Rakefile’. It’d be great to have an option similar to :manifest_file for :rakefile, since I find Rakefile very unsemantic – it’s a ruby file, thus I always name mine Rakefile.rb, and Rake fully supports this naming – thus I think you probably should too. For now I’m re-naming it Rakefile, but that seems like a hackety solution.