scribe client

I’ve released Scribe 0.1, a Ruby client for the Scribe remote log server.

sudo gem install scribe

Usage is simple:

client =
client.log("I'm lonely in a crowded room.", "Rails")

Documentation is here.

about scribe

The primary benefit of Scribe over something like syslog-ng is increased scalability, because of Scribe’s fundamentally distributed architecture. Scribe also does away with the legacy syslog alert levels, and lets you define more application-appropriate categories on the fly instead.

Dmytro Shteflyuk has good article about installing the Scribe server itself on OS X. It would be nice if someone would put it in MacPorts, but it may be blocked on the release of Thrift.

3 responses

  1. The advantage is a simple gem install versus installing Thrift from source on all your servers, and then generating the Scribe bindings from the interface file and distributing them somehow, and then manually writing the same boilerplate connection, retry, and Thrift object wrapping code in every client application.

    This Scribe gem has no dependencies external to the Rubygems ecosystem. That aside, it is certainly no amazing feat; merely a convenience.