performance engineering at twitter

A few weeks ago I gave a performance engineering talk at QCon Beijing/Tokyo. The abstract and slides are below.


Twitter has undergone exponential growth with very limited staff, hardware, and time. This talk discusses principles by which the wise performance engineer can make dramatic improvements in a constrained environment. Of course, these apply to any systems architect who wants to do more with less. Principles will be illustrated with concrete examples of successes and lessons learned from Twitter’s development and operations history.


Performance Engineering at Twitter on Prezi

This is the first time I’ve used Prezi; the non-linear flow is compelling.

see it again sam

I will be giving the same talk this fall at QCon São Paulo and QCon San Francisco, so you can catch it there, and I think eventually the video will be online. This was also my first time speaking publicly in two years. Tons of new things to share with the world!