memcached gem performance across VMs

Thanks to Evan Phoenix, memcached.gem 1.3.2 is compatible with Rubinius again. I have added Rubinius to the release QA, so it will stay this way. 

The master branch is compatible with JRuby, but a JRuby segfault (as well as a mkmf bug) prevents it from working for most people.

vm comparison

Memcached.gem makes an unusual benchmark case for VMs. The gem is highly optimized in general, and specially optimized for MRI. This means it will tend to not reward speedups of “dumb” aspects of MRI because it doesn’t exercise them—contrary to many micro-benchmarks.

                                          user     system      total        real
set: libm:ascii                       2.440000   1.760000   4.200000 (  8.284000)
get: libm:ascii                       [SEGFAULT]

set: libm:ascii                       1.387198   1.590912   2.978110 (  6.576674)
get: libm:ascii                       2.076829   1.705302   3.782131 (  7.237497)

REE 1.8.7-2011.03
set: libm:ascii                       1.130000   1.530000   2.660000 (  6.331992)
get: libm:ascii                       1.250000   1.540000   2.790000 (  6.142529)

Ruby 1.9.2-p290
set: libm:ascii                       0.860000   1.490000   2.350000 (  5.917467)
get: libm:ascii                       1.030000   1.580000   2.610000 (  6.238965)

JRuby’s performance is surprisingly OK, but only once Hotspot has been convinced to JIT the function to native code (which the benchmark does ahead of time). Rubinius’s performance is good. Ruby 1.9.2 is the fastest.

jruby client comparison

Curiously, memcached.gem is the fastest Ruby memcached client on every VM including JRuby. It is 70% faster than jruby-memcache-client, which wraps Whalin’s Java client via JRuby’s Java integration:

memcached 1.3.3
remix-stash 1.1.3
jruby-memcache-client 1.7.0
dalli 1.1.2
                                          user     system      total        real
set: dalli:bin                       10.720000   7.250000  17.970000 ( 17.859000)
set: libm:ascii                       2.440000   1.760000   4.200000 (  8.284000)
set: libm:bin                         2.280000   1.960000   4.240000 (  8.600000)
set: mclient:ascii                    4.150000   3.010000   7.160000 ( 11.879000)
set: stash:bin                        5.870000   2.970000   8.840000 ( 13.677000)


This is great performance for C extensions in JRuby and Rubinius both. It’s handy that MRI’s extension interface is so simple.

One possible performance improvement remains in memcached.gem itself, which is rewriting the bundled copy of libmemcached to talk directly to Ruby instead of via SWIG, which introduces memory copy overhead.

Also, someone needs to write a faster client for JRuby; there’s no reason why binding to a good native library like Whalin’s or xmemcached should be slow. It should be possible to equal the speed of memcached.gem on Ruby 1.9.