budget combination racing wheel and HOTAS setup

I put this together back in May during the lockdowns.

  • Playseat Challenge seat ($235)
  • Thrustmaster TMX wheel and pedals ($180)
  • Ricmotech Hard-Mount Adapter for T150 and TMX ($25)
  • Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X stick and throttle ($55)
  • Loutytuo Universal Monitor Pole Mount Bracket, to mount the stick and throttle to the seat ($35 x 2)
  • Epoxy, to goop onto the pole mounts to keep the stick and throttle from moving around ($8)

Works great for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Forza Horizon 4. I use it with PC but it will work for Xbox One as well.

Mounting the HOTAS to the pole mounts was difficult. I used sticky velcro on both sides of each joint, and also blindly drove short screws into the base of the throttle and stick. Luckily I didn’t hit anything. It would probably make more sense to just use more epoxy, but then it is impossible to adjust the stick tension in the future.

The cable between the throttle and stick is short, but just long enough to reach across the seat without having to rewire anything.