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Evan Weaver


I am a software engineer, manager, and entrepreneur, living in Berkeley. As an
engineer, I specialize in performance analysis and web scalability. As a
manager, I focus on team-building and delivering quality software in
limited-resource environments--a kind of human performance engineering.

I've designed, built, and maintained server-side software at all levels of
scale, including distributed databases, caching architectures, VM garbage
collectors, object mappers, and domain-specific business functions. I've
developed practical, innovative algorithms that were later validated by academic

I have recruited and hired dozens of candidates, negotiated and closed
multi-million dollar business deals, performed and responded to due diligence
evaluations, created pitch decks, reorganized teams, mentored staff facing
career and personal issues, rescued other managers' projects, and led "all hands
on deck" crisis responses to successful completion.


  - Sourcing, recruiting and closing candidates
  - Crisis leadership
  - Mitigating speculative project risk
  - Building collaborative, pragmatic, and transparent company cultures
  - Legal aspects of software development and startups
  - Negotiation

  - Performance analysis
  - Web scalability and caching
  - Distributed and relational databases
  - Service-oriented architectures
  - Deployment and operations
  - Familiarity with a variety of static and dynamically typed languages


FaunaDB. San Francisco, CA. 2012-present.

In 2012, I cofounded FaunaDB, a distributed database startup, where I currently
serve as CEO.

Twitter. San Francisco, CA. 2008-2011.

I began my career at Twitter as a software engineer, and quickly progressed to
increasingly challenging positions in engineering leadership.

  Architect. 2011.
    As the most senior technical member of the company, I worked directly on
    mission-critical projects and helped other teams with engineering strategy.
      - Increased performance of the Ruby garbage collector by 10x
      - Designed new server-side HTML caching architecture, which successfully
        launched after I left
      - Helped raise the profile of Twitter Engineering for recruiting purposes

  Manager of Infrastructure, Storage, and Performance. 2010-2011.
    With minimal guidance, I found my way as a personnel manager and built
    several world-class teams.
      - Grew my department from 7 to 25 engineers in one year
      - Delivered scalable Tweet storage as a service
      - Led 2 cross-functional crisis teams

  Infrastructure Team Technical Lead. 2009-2010.
    As technical lead, I continued to tackle all of Twitter's hardest
    engineering challenges and developed my leadership skills.
      - Delivered scalable timeline storage
      - Healed cultural divide between operations and engineering teams

  Member of Technical Staff. 2008-2009.
    Taking a pay cut to come work at a risky startup, I immediately became
    involved in the mission-critical scalability and performance work that would
    consume Twitter for the next 2 years.
      - Saved the company by decreasing cost-per-transaction by 98%
      - Scaled the API

CBS Interactive. San Francisco, CA. 2006-2008.

I was a software engineer in the Lifestyle group at CBS Interactive, where I
first cut my teeth on high-scale Ruby on Rails websites.

  Senior Software Engineer. 2006-2008.
    - Architected and launched a total rewrite of
    - Acted as lead developer on after the original team left

Other positions held: Technical Advisor, SeeControl, San Francisco, CA.
2014-present. Technical Advisor, Eagle Alpha, Dublin, Ireland, 2014-present.
Technical Advisor, Breeze, San Francisco, CA, 2012-present. Founder, Cloudburst,
2006-present. Enterprise Resource Management Consultant at SAP AG, Wilmington,
DE, 2005-2006. Research Assistant, Oceanography Department, Imperial College
London, 2004. Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department, University
of Delaware, 2001.


Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Delaware. 2003-2008.

Bachelor of Arts with honors. Double major in Computer Science and Philosophy;
minor in Creative Writing. University of Delaware. 2001-2006.


Keynote speaker at QCon Beijing and QCon Tokyo. 2011.

Nominated for a European Commission Ph.D. bursary. 2004.